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SHAREit APK Download for Android

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Downloading and Installing the Share It App APK

You might be wondering why you need to download and install the Share It App APK. Well, firstly, it’s free! And secondly, it enables you to share files between phones, tablets and computers easily and quickly.

So how do you get it? It’s easy—all you need to do is search for “Share It App APK” in your phone or tablet’s app store, and download the app. After that, just select the files you want to share and then use the Share It App to transfer them.

Plus, if you want to share files between two devices that use different operating systems (like Android and iOS), the Share It App makes this possible. So even if your friends don’t have the same device as you, or are using a different operating system, this app will help you transfer files without any hassle!

Also, Share It App supports an impressive range of file types: from photos and videos to documents and contacts—the possibilities are limitless. Whatever kind of file you need to send or receive can be done with just a few taps on your device!

Features of the Share It App

The Share It app is designed to make sharing files and data a breeze. Let’s take a look at some of its key features:

File Transfers

Whether you need to quickly transfer photos, videos, music, documents and more, the Share It app has you covered. With just a few simple taps, you can send content in seconds, with up to 8x faster speeds than Bluetooth. You can even transfer items in bulk!

Group Sharing

With the Share It app’s group sharing feature, you can easily share images and videos with all your friends at once. No need to send out multiple messages—just create your group and add all your buddies to it. All they have to do is accept the invitation and they’ll be able to see your shared files.

Nearby Sharing

If you don’t have access to WiFi or mobile data, the Share It app’s nearby sharing feature has got you covered. Just select the content you want to share, turn on your device’s Bluetooth or Near Field Communication (NFC) depending on what kind of device you’re using and that’s it! Your friends can receive data without having to enter any passwords or details; it’s as fast and easy as it gets.

Media Player

With the Share It app’s media player feature, you can stream music and videos as well as view photos without leaving the app. You also get recommendations for new songs from its built-in music library!

Whether it’s simply sending content between two devices or syncing multiple devices on a network —Share It has got all of your needs covered when it comes to file transfers and data sharing.

Tips and Tricks to Utilize the Share It App to Its Full Potential

You might not know that with the Share It app, you can easily transfer large files in a flash! Using advanced Wi-Fi direct, you don’t even need to be connected to the same network or spend time transferring files over Bluetooth. Just follow these tips and tricks to take full advantage of the features available:

Transferring Large Files

Doing a big file transfer can seem daunting, but with Share It’s Wi-Fi direct feature, it’s really simple. All you have to do is swap connection codes within apps on both phones, and poof—your file transfer is complete.

Customizing your Settings

You can customize your settings in the Share It app to best suit your needs. From changing your connection type to limiting file sizes, switching off auto-update, or setting an inactivity timeout—you’re totally in control!

Sharing With Friends and Family

The best way to use the Share It app is to share with friends and family! Select multimedia content from your device like photos, videos and music – then go crazy! Just enter someone’s email address or phone number for easy sharing.

With the Share It App, transferring large files between two devices has never been easier. Try it out for yourself and see how much faster it is than other sharing options!



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