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Picsart 21.7.0 Apk Download Free Premium Editing App 2024



We all want to put our best selves out into the world, and that includes our photos. But without the skills of a professional photographer, how can we make sure our photos are looking their best? PicsArt’s editing app has your back! With this helpful tool, you can take your photos to the next level with dozens of features that make it easy to make any photo look amazing. From trendy filters to background erasers, makeup stickers and more, Picsart offers nearly limitless options for photo editing. It even has resources like curated free images and designer fonts, enabling you to customize your images as much as you need or want. Whether you’re just touching up a selfie or creating an entirely new work of art from scratch – Picsart has you covered. Read on for an overview of some of the coolest possibilities this helpful app has to offer.

The Basics: Editing, Filters and Effects

When it comes to editing your photos, PicsArt’s got you covered. With the easy-to-use photo editor, you can quickly make the adjustments and edits your photos need to look their best. From basic color and brightness adjustments to cropping and rotating your photos, you’ll be able to transform any picture into something special. You can also give your photos some extra flair with PicsArt’s filters and effects. Choose from hundreds of trendy filters, from subtle picture enhancers to sophisticated artist tools that give you total creative control over your picture’s look and feel. Plus, add impactful photo effects like comic book styles, cool glitch effects or modern retro looks for a truly unique image!

Background Eraser Tool

Bring your artistic vision to life with Picsart’s background eraser tool. As the ultimate blank canvas, the sky is the limit when it comes to editing your photos with this game-changing tool. Replace a dull background with something more interesting or swap out a complex backdrop for something more minimalistic – all while maintaining an amazing level of detail and accuracy. Not only can you quickly and easily erase backgrounds, you can also add complex effects to your image. With the right combination of color and texture, you can make even the most ordinary photo look its best. From realistic shadows to vibrant reflections, the background eraser will help you bring your creative ideas to life! So don’t wait – take a chance and start exploring!

Remove Object Tool

Ever taken a great picture, only to have it ruined by an unwanted object in the background? That’s where Picsart’s Remove Object tool comes in! Using this tool, you can quickly and easily erase anything from your photos. With just a few clicks, you can make sure that your photos look exactly the way you want them to. Whether it’s a branch in the background, or an unflattering stain on your shirt, you can get rid of it with the Remove Object tool. Here’s how it works:
    1. Select the object or area you want to remove.
    1. Use either smart selection masks or freehand drawing to select and erase unwanted objects.
    1. Add back any content that was removed accidentally using “Content-Aware Fill.”
    1. Save and share your edits with friends!
Make sure your photos look exactly how you want them to with Picsart’s Remove Object Tool!

Access to Millions of Images

With Picsart’s editing app, you have access to millions of free images that you can customize and make your own. Add your signature style to your project with thousands of original designs created by their top designers. From modern and abstract to vintage and classic, there’s something for everyone. Plus, Picsart makes it easy to find the exact photo you need with their search engine—just type in the keywords, and a ton of options comes up. And if that doesn’t work, you can always upload one from your own device.

Features & Tools

In addition to accessing millions of images, Picsart also has some pretty cool tools that you can use to customize them:
    1. Photo Editor – Use trending filters for pictures and popular photo effects
    1. Background Eraser – Erase and replace backgrounds
    1. Remove Object – Clean up pictures and remove unwanted objects
    1. Text – Add text to photos with 200+ designer fonts
    1. Hair Color Changer – Retouch selfies with the hair color changer tool
    1. Makeup Stickers – Apply makeup stickers to retouch selfies
    1. Smart Selection Tool – Blur backgrounds with their AI-powered smart selection tool
With all these features, you can create stunning visuals quickly and easily!

Add Text With Designer Fonts

One of the cool features of PicsArt is the ability to add stylish text to your photos. With 200+ designer fonts, you can get creative and make an eye-catching caption—or just dress up an already awesome photo with a cool text overlay.

Different Text Styles

You can feel free to experiment with different font styles and sizes until you find the perfect look for your photo. Choose from script fonts, bold types, sans serifs, vintage typefaces and many more! You can even adjust the opacity of your font for a more subtle effect.

Color Options

PicsArt also allows you to customize the color of your text with over ten different shades plus custom colors too! Go for a happy or somber tone or create something that stands out from the rest by using bold colors like pink or yellow. Make sure your photos stand out from everyone else’s when you add designer fonts in PicsArt’s Photo Editor:
    1. Select Add Text from the Tools tab
    1. Choose one of the 200+ fonts available
    1. Style your font size and color
    1. Type in your desired words
    1. Play around with opacity to get the perfect look

Retouching With Hair Color Changer, Makeup Stickers & More

Ready to take your photo edits to the next level? You can give yourself a makeover with Picsart’s easy-to-use hair color changer, makeup stickers and more. Just upload a picture, open the Editor and you’ll be able to try on different colors and styles without having to leave your house—or break the bank! The Hair Color Changer lets you give yourself an instant new ‘do by changing your hair color—it even includes colors like pink, green, blue or purple if you’re feeling extra adventurous. Want to go for a more natural look? Not a problem. Choose from a variety of shades that range from light browns and golds, to blondes and rich brunettes. Makeup stickers are also available. With this tool, you can have endless fun trying on eyeshadows, fake lashes, lip colors and more. Simply pick which look you want and then click the sticker onto your photo—it’s that easy! You can also use our amazing selection of makeup removal tools if you’d like to erase or reduce wrinkles, blemishes or any other distractions in the picture before applying makeup stickers.


Picsart is an amazing and innovative editing app that opens up a whole new world of possibilities for creating the perfect photos and videos. With a variety of editing tools, such as filters, background erasers, and AI-smart tools, you can easily create amazing and eye-catching content. Plus, with millions of free images to choose from, you’ll be sure to find the perfect pic to get creative with. So, why not give Picsart a try and unlock your inner artist!


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