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Mini Millitia Game Download New Version 2024

Last updated on May 24th, 2024 at 05:44 pm


About Mini Millitia Game

This is a 3D version of mini millitia games. The goal for this mini-game is to get across the river and meet up with your friends or other players on the opposite side of the river. You can try crossing any part of the map, even if it is not an obvious one. There are 5 levels in total which go from level 8 to 10 (1 / 4, 3 / 4, 6 / 9). The first level you need to make sure that everyone is here before we start playing.

The first thing I want you to do is go through all these mini games we have already done to see what we can do. After everything is done, head to our main menu and then open mini games. We will get there later. In the main menu there are some items but they are mostly useless. I have only listed them here for the sake of completeness. 1 ) Stop talking about stuff 2 ) Don’t say “I don’t know” (this is a very common mistake but still…) 3) Don’t use abbreviations 4) If you want you can take out a letter and change its color 5) Use a picture instead of typing text 6) Skip lines without highlighting 7) Never forget to leave comments on stuff 8) Don’t ever give someone else credit for something that he has made his own

So let’s continue…

Stop Talking About Stuff

The key to creating meaningful things is often just picking a topic to talk about. It helps with understanding and communication! Let’s pick the time everyone got their new mobile phones, how many movies they watched last night, and so on. What if there was no entertainment that week? What would people do differently? Now there would be no problem. So choose what you like the most and go with it. Just because you like sci fi does not mean you will always love it. Pick up a bunch of different genres, explore different worlds and see what works best for you.

Don’t Say “I Don’t Know”

If I had to summarize my childhood memories in one word, it would be “stupid”. Yes there were tons of stupid things that I went through as a kid but there was also lots of interesting stuff. One day I was sitting at home playing Pokemon Go with my dad who wanted to buy me another set of controllers so I could play through the whole franchise alone. I did not care though I just wanted to keep playing and eventually ended up buying more than ten thousand of my favorite handheld controllers. As much as it might seem dumb, knowing what your interests are gives you opportunities to actually make a good living doing what you love! My father told me a story of when he bought a toy robot for $600. He saw a toy store and said “I am looking for something similar for him”. A few days later, his mother came into the room and gave him a new model. His father said the following: “That’s cool! But why should I spend my money on something like that? What about buying two plastic balls for the price of one?!”. My response after hearing that was “I told you I didn’t know what I was going into. Just go for it and see where it takes me!”. When you have a passion you tend to follow your heart so stay true to yourself!

Don’t Use Abbreviations

When you start typing the name of anything you come across, think about what it means. Does the abbreviation add any value to it? Do you really need two words for describing something so long? Maybe use one word but always spell it properly. For example “Babysitter”. People sometimes have to explain what a babysitter is and then it sounds pretty funny but I assure you, it is so boring. Why? Because it makes us sound awkward instead of being direct and clear. Another example of confusing acronyms is Google. They are so popular nowadays when you search for information online. Some websites make fun of the users when trying to find the right site but still…

If You Want, Can Take Out Letters and Change Their Color

This is probably a bad example but it is pretty close to using abbreviations and not saying “I don’t know” and sometimes using full sentences. To change the color of letters, you need to highlight them and drag them down to the bottom of the page to change their color. This lets you easily swap between blue and red. Using a letter to replace a number in an article without making sense does not look great but it works really well. Remember to always write correctly like “The average life span for a man in the United States is 79 years and 65 months!” That way nobody will sue you!

Never Forget to Leave Comments On Stuff

If you enjoyed this mini-game please leave a clap for this post and give it a thumbs up. Also feel free to send me your questions about the game. Also feel free to subscribe our youtube channel, Facebook group or twitter for more gaming content like reviews and such. Until next time. Bye! Geeks! Taehyu!



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