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Kiwi Browser APK Download Latest Version for Android

Last updated on May 30th, 2024 at 05:09 am

Kiwi Browser Features

Hello,! if you are looking for the most powerful tools to manage your Google account then here is it for you. After downloading Kiwi Browser App you will be able to make amazing changes in a few minutes, right away. If you want to enhance security in your google accounts and keep them as safe as possible here is my guide on how I have managed things so far. You can also go through this complete guide about free android app

Here we use two different kinds of links that work well in our system.

1. Link Browser Apps

This link redirects us to an option where we click on kiwi browser app.

2. For more Security check out below

How do we get started with such application. Step 1. Click on File > New Folder option > Click Next.

Step 2. Then select Add New folder and name your folders according to what the application needs to store. At last name it as “kiwi_browser”

Step 3. Now move the file along with other files. It should be now under /Users//.kiwi_browser/kiwi_browser/

Step 4. Copy paste the path and other contents into the new folder.

Step 5. From there go ahead and reboot your phone. This would open up Kiwi Browser app from the homescreen and you could easily access all the information.

The following screenshot shows your home screen after installation. It can be noted that it does not show ads.

Kiwi Browser Home Screen

Apart from these things I will be sharing some other apps that come with Kiwi Browser Apk, like

Google Photo Album

Google Drive Web Service

Google Search Page History

Google Calendar History

Kiwi Mobile Apps

In one word, no doubt any person interested in using this Android Application has got it as very easy to use. So read this article. And you will also get a tutorial on how to install it successfully.

Now let’s see how to get started with Kiwi Browser

By clicking on the download button you can directly install the application on your device from the Play Store. The whole process takes less than 10 seconds and here’s a short video which explains everything in detail.

How To Install kiwi browser

1. Go to or

2. Select their respective zip file. (For example In case of a zip file, it is Then tap the download button present at the top right corner of the page. Once done, it would start downloading in the background. So don’t forget to save the size of the whole process in Background tab.

After completion, you can run it.


You can try it, it comes with only a fraction of money and if you are still worried, feel free to ask me in Twitter / Facebook for help. Any suggestion or query/suggestion you may need should be sent to me in social media.

I think most of the people find it easy to set up their email account in Gmail even before they get online; hence it works great if used wisely. Also setting up a password for your Gmail Account is relatively easy (just follow their steps and it would be done) but setting up your YouTube account is even better, no matter how small your profile is.



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